Managed Infrsatructure in a HeartBeat


Cost Effective

Flexibility, high availability, no maintenance labor costs

Fixed pricing – no surprises

No additional backup costs

No additional API calls

No additional network ingress or egress cost

We commit to 99.99% uptime

Automatic detection and handling of common service problems

Both automatic and configurable backups.

Customizable monitoring with prebuilt Grafana dashboards or ready-to-go integration with external services.

Minimal to no downtime upgrades

Close to customers

We use all kinds of methods to find out how customers are experiencing our products and services. Surveys, feedback by e-mail, social – not to mention what you’re telling us face to face – all help us see things from your perspective. And by doing that, we get a better picture of your experience which helps us focus on making it better and better.

Reach the unreachable

Our vision goes beyond the walls of Leaseweb’s offices. It’s a way of life that influences everything we do and inspires us to help any way we can, all across the globe.

We want to empower everyone to reach their highest potential. Whether it’s on the ground or in the sky, we want to take them to their greatest heights – literally.

Defend with 24x7x365 monitoring

Detect breaches faster with cyber hunting: Add proactive monitoring and threat management to your environment around the clock, using leading technology and advanced analytics to actively search for threats

Remediate breaches immediately with pre-approved actions: Once a breach is detected, we can respond immediately to mitigate the threat based on pre-approved actions

Dramatically reduce the risk of data loss by minimizing the breach window: The active security approach to minimize a threat’s most precious resource – time in your environment

Deploy in multicloud environments: Support on the world’s leading clouds, including AWS, Microsoft® Azure®, VMware® and Google Cloud Platform™. Proactive Detection and Response

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