Profile Page

Expand Personal drop down at left side of app landing page, and click on Profile to enter Profile information page: If you want to edit profile, click on Edit Profile button.


Information Page


Information page with your basic profile setting wil be shown. In order to start sending data to OddEye you need to configure OddEye Agent with your unique user ID. You should copy value of UUID = xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx to [TSDB] section of config.ini of OddEye Agent

uuid: ********-****-****-****-************
sandbox: False
tsdtype: OddEye

If you are using custom built tool to push data to OddEye, please refer to our API Guide Profile page also contains full information about metrics and tags used by your client to send data to OddEye

To make changed et you profile, click on Edit Profile button.

Edit Profile contains 3 Tabs.

  • General
  • Levels Settings
  • Notifier


just information about you, your time/zone etc ...

Levels Settings


Allows to setup your alerting levels. Unlike traditional monitoring solutions OddEye is completely dynamic and based on Machine Learning.

Levels allows fine tuning of alerting parameters. Higher level means more deviation of incoming metrics from predicted values.

Levels are:

  1. All
  2. Low
  3. Guarded
  4. Elevated
  5. High
  6. Severe

Each of levels contains deviation parameters from predicted values.

  • Min Value : Minimal value of incoming metric eligible for generating alerts.
  • Min Percent : Minimal deviation in percent from predicted values.
  • Min Weight : Minimal wight for deviation from predicted values.
  • Min Recurrence Count: Hom many time, OddEye should receive leveled value.
  • Min regression Percent : Minimal deviation from prediction calculated by Regression algorithm

Levels Settings settings already contains reasonable defaults which works for most of common cases, so please make changes only if are confident that its needed for fine tuning OddEye .