Views are designed for creating alerting pages, which you can use to visualize alerts at OddEye APP as well as create notifications profiles.

By default only two vies exists

  • Real Time (Real time vents)
  • Detailed (Event summaries)


You can use Real Time to configure your notifications with default sets, or clone it and create custom view which you can use for in viewing alerts in browser at real time or configure notifications in accordance to it. Default view of Real Time alerts looks like this:


You can use this as starting pont of configuring new views and alerts. To customise views you should expand Filters and Options sections and make your changes.


Here we have 3 main sections :

  • Filters for All messages
  • Filters for Machine Learned message
  • Filters for manually Defined messages

In these sections you can choose any combinations of Tags, Levels, and Metrics . As we support both Automated(Machine Learned) and Manual(Human defined) alerts, you can create any combination of filters to create the view, which exactly matches your needs.

At Options block you can configure fields which are displayed in Alert message box. For example the defaults message box looks like this:


Youc can change display settings and as results get desired sight of message box. For example you can remove values from Display Filters check box and get small card message like illustrations below.


When the view is created you can Save and overwrite existing on, or use Save As button and save it as different view with desired name.


As soon as View is created you can Configure notifications ot it. At the moment of writing this document OddEye supports only E-Mail and Telegram Messenger notifications.
Yus can configure different recipients for notifications for different views. For example you have created view, which monitors and alert online sessions of your web application and another which monitors memory usage of your servers. Yus can send notifications regarding online sessions to SEO person and Memory notifications ot IT Guy.


Here you can choose E-mail or Telegram notifications for this view , you can add as much address as you want. While configuring E-mail notifications is trivial, as all you need is to fill recipients address, with telegram you have to do little more work.

First you need to search telegram directory using your Telegram destkop app, find and add to your char (Group Chat) OddEye bot (@oddeye_bot).


When chat is created you need to configure View with your newly created chat ID : The easiest way to get Chat ID is to ask @oddeye_bot to provide it.


/getchatid@oddeye_bot will do the trick and output your chat it, which you can write in confiure telegram notifications section of View


Procedure for using Telegram Groups or Super Groups for receiving OddEye is almost the same as for individual chats.

  • Create Group or Super Group chat
  • Add @oddeye_bot to chat
  • write /getchatid@oddeye_bot

It will return current chat id, which you can use for configuring Telegram notifications.
if you have created Super Group, please make sure to copy "-" at front of chat id So correct format of Chat ID for Super Groups is -xxxxxxxxxx, while for Groups it is xxxxxxxxxx without trailing -.