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Landing page off OddEye App shows the most common information about your account, preconfigured templates, as well as basic stats about existing hosts, metrics, etc ...

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Odd Eye

If it's your first login, My Dashboards and My latest templates will be empty, but we have preconfigured templates for common cases, as well as templates for popular applications, so ypu can clone these templates, make some basic common changes and see yor data visualized. The main propose of Templates is to have preconfigured set of Dashboards, which you can clone, make very basic changes and see you data. After cloning Template it becomes regular Dashboard, so you can edit it as you need and make any changes on it. It will be saved as accounts local Dashboard and at your next Login you will see it at My Dashboards and My Templates sections. Section Latest Templates shows community driven templates, which have same functionality as Recommended Templates . The only difference is that we do not edit, update and support these ones.

Section Statistic shows basic information about your metrics and metric tags. Tagging of data allows easy management and grouping of metrics. With using tags at Query Builder you can filter out needed metrics as well as make grouping of similar items. Having meaningful Tags is very important as eventually you will need to have grouped and filtered charts with exact metrics.

You can read more about setting up tags for metrics at Giude Agent . Basic statistics at landing page are:

Total Metric Names : Count of metrics names sent to OddEye 
Total Tags Type : Count of unique tags of metrics  
Total cluster : Count of Clusters, tsg_cluster at Agent's config.ini 
Total host : Count of tag_host at Agent's config.ini
Total type : Count of tag_type at Agent's config.ini
Total group : Count of tag_type at Agent's config.ini

Left Panel

At Left navigation panel you can see General and and Dashboard drop down links.

Left Panel

General Points to Real Time and Advanced monitoring pages

Dashboard Will open list of available dashboards