cd ${OE_AGENT_HOME}/checks_enabled
ln -s ../checks_available/ ./

Jetty comes with pre built support of Jolokia, but module is disabled by default.
All is needed is just to enable jolokia and restart Jetty.

bin/ stop
java -jar start.jar --add-to-start=jolokia
bin/ start

After enabling Jetty-Jolokia copy or symlink checks_available/ to checks_enabled/, Change IP:PORT of Jetty server at section [Jetty] of conf/webservers.ini to match IP:PORT of your server.

Name Description Type Unit
jetty_asyncrequests Number of async requests to Jetty gauge None
jetty_daemonthreadcount Number of running daemon threads gauge None
jetty_dispatchedactive Number of dispatched threads gauge None
jetty_{G1,CMS}_old_collectioncount Number of old gen GC collections counter None
jetty_{G1,CMS}_old_collectiontime Time spend for old gen GC counter Milliseconds
jetty_{G1,CMS}_old_lastgcinfo Duration in milliseconds of previous old gen GC gauge Milliseconds
jetty_{G1,CMS}_young_collectioncount Number of young gen GC collections counter None
jetty_{G1,CMS}_young_collectiontime Time spend for young gen GC counter Milliseconds
jetty_{G1,CMS}_young_lastgcinfo Duration in milliseconds of previous old gen GC gauge Milliseconds
jetty_heap_committed Java heap committed gauge Bytes
jetty_heap_max Java heap max gauge Bytes
jetty_heap_used Java heap used gauge Bytes
jetty_nonheap_committed Java non heap committed gauge Bytes
jetty_nonheap_max Java non heap max gauge Bytes
jetty_nonheap_used Java non heap used gauge Bytes
jetty_peakthreadcount Peak amount of running threads gauge None
jetty_requests_rate Requests per seconds executed on server rate OPS
jetty_requestsactive Current active requests gauge None
jetty_requesttimemean Mean requests time gauge Milliseconds
jetty_responses1xx Responses of type 1xx counter None
jetty_responses2xx Responses of type 2xx counter None
jetty_responses4xx Responses of type 4xx counter None
jetty_responses5xx Responses of type 5xx counter None
jetty_threadcount Jetty running threads gauge None