Module install

In order to make SNMP negotiation check_snmp requires pysnmp python module. It can be installed via pip. Module is tested and properly working with pysnmp==4.3.9, older versions may not work properly, so please make sure to installpysnmp==4.3.9 or newer. To avoid future confusions, we recommend to install exact tested version of PySNMP.

pip install pysnmp==4.3.9
pip3 install pysnmp==4.3.9

check_snmp supports v2 Public and v3 authPriv protocols. Configuration is done in conf/snmp.ini file.

At this moment Agent supports only SNMP over UDP. Followings are supported authentication and private protocols.

authProtocol: MD5
authProtocol: SHA
privProtocol: DES
privProtocol: 3DES
privProtocol: AES128
privProtocol: AES192
privProtocol: AES256   

conf/snmp.ini file already contains commented protocol and auth names, so you need to uncomment ones which matches your SNMP servers requirements. check_snmp module runs similarly to snmpget Net-SNMP command. So if you run check without authentication, result will be equivalent to :

snmpget  -v2c -cpublic .

For v3 authPriv :

snmpget -v3 -lauthPriv -u SecurityName -A AuthPassphrase -X PrivPassphrase -a MD5 -x AES

Configuration fo SNMP plugin is little different that other traditional checks. Config parameters are set in conf/snmp.ini file, but unlike others naming is little different. Names of config sections represents friendly names for you devices. Also you should write names and OIDS of needed checks, so Agent can do SNMP get with OID and use friendly names to send information to backend servers.

auth: True
port: 161
authProtocol: MD5
privProtocol: AES128
SecurityName: demo
AuthPassphrase: Bb123456
PrivPassphrase: Bb123456
total_memory: .
used_memory: .
cpu_frequency: .
tx_rate: .
rx_rate: .
client_count: .
frequency: .
noise_floor: .
overall_ccq: .

For better manageability metrics names at endpoint are prefixed with snmp_ so if_eth0_out_errors will be shown as snmp_if_eth0_out_errors in Dashboard.

Please make sure to create correct mappings before running check_snmp

SNMP v2 Public

auth: Boolean parameter in conf/snmp.ini controls switching protocol an community versions.

auth: False

Will set to legacy v2 protocol with Public community. As result you will have SNMP querly similar to :

snmpget  -v2c -cpublic .

auth: True enables v3 AuthPriv .

SNMP v3 AuthPriv

V3 is enhanced Protocol of SNMP, which supports encryption and authentication. Our agent supports following protocols.

authProtocols, MD5, SHA
privProtocols, DES, 3DES, AES128, AES192, AES256

Please setup authProtocol and privProtocol values to ones which matches your SNMP servers requirements. Eventual config file will look something like this :

auth: True
port: 161
authProtocol: SHA
privProtocol: DES
SecurityName: demo
AuthPassphrase: Bb1234567
PrivPassphrase: Bb1234567
mem_available: .

As result you will have SNMP querly similar to :

snmpget -v3 -lauthPriv -u user -A AuthpaSS -X ProtopaSS -a SHA -x DES  .

After configuration and mapping is finished, you can enable check_snmp as any other OddEye check and restart Agent:

cd checks_enabled
ln -s ../checks_available/ ./
../ restart