Scylla is a massively scalable Open-Source NoSQL database. It's an implementation of Apache Cassandra using C++ instead of Java.
Developers of Scylla describe it as : Scylla is a drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra and DynamoDB. Yet it also provides significant advantages over these other databases. Flip the cards to see similarities and differences. Scylla ships with native metrics exported, which runs by default 9180 port. So there is no need for special configuration of Scylla.

Scylla config of OddEye agent is in conf/bigdata.ini file. If you run recommended Scylla installation, no need for making spacial configs for OddEye agent as well.


cd ${OE_AGENT_HOME}/checks_enabled
ln -s ../checks_available/ ./


Default config should be suitable for the most of the installations. If you are running Scylla's node_exporter other than default way, change the stats parameter to match your setup.

stats :


${OE_AGENT_HOME}/ restart


Name Description Type Unit
scylla_node_operation_mode The operation mode of the current node. gauge None
scylla_reactor_utilization CPU utilization gauge None
scylla_transport_requests_served Counts a number of served requests counter None
scylla_storage_proxy_coordinator_write_latency_count The general write latency histogram histogram None
scylla_storage_proxy_coordinator_write_latency_sum The general write latency histogram histogram None
scylla_storage_proxy_coordinator_write_timeouts Number of write request failed due to a timeout counter None
scylla_storage_proxy_coordinator_read_latency_count The general read latency histogram histogram None
scylla_storage_proxy_coordinator_read_latency_sum The general read latency histogram histogram None
scylla_storage_proxy_coordinator_read_timeouts Number of read request failed due to a timeout counter None
scylla_cache_row_hits Total number of rows needed by reads and found in cache counter None
scylla_cache_row_misses Total number of rows needed by reads and missing in cache counter None
scylla_cache_bytes_total Total size of memory for the cache gauge None
scylla_cache_bytes_used urrent bytes used by the cache out of the total size of memory gauge Bytes
scylla_cache_concurrent_misses_same_key Total number of operation with misses same key counter None
scylla_sstables_row_reads Number of rows read counter None
scylla_sstables_range_partition_reads Number of range tombstones written counter None
scylla_sstables_range_tombstone_writes Cassandra Peak threads count gauge None
scylla_sstables_row_writes Number of clustering rows written counter None
scylla_sstables_single_partition_reads Number of single partition flat mutation reads counter None
scylla_sstables_sstable_partition_reads Number of whole sstable flat mutation reads counter None
scylla_sstables_static_row_writes Number of static rows written counter None
scylla_sstables_tombstone_writes Number of tombstones written counter None