To monitor MySQL server you need :

  1. Install MySQLdb or pymysql module.
  2. Create MySQL user with privileges to run SHOW GLOBAL STATUS.
  3. Configure Agent with User/Pass/Host, for connecting to Mysql server.

Install MySQL Driver

If you are running Debian or Ubuntu, use apt-get to install MySQLdb module

apt-get install python-mysqldb
apt-get install python3-mysqldb

If you have enabled backports repositories for Debian, you can use it to install pymysql

apt-get install python-mysqldb
apt-get install python3-mysqldb

For CentOS you can Use YUM.

yum install MySQL-python

MySQL drivers can be installed via PIP as well.

pip install MySQL-python
pip install pymysql 

The reason of adding pymysql support, is that on some Linux distributions (Debian 9), MySQLdb is not working properly.

Create MySQL User

Login to your MySQL server as root and execute following statement :

GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO puypuy@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'Very-Long-Pa$$w0rd';

Configure Agent

Copy or symlink checks_available/ to checks_enabled

cd ${AGENT_HOME/checks_enabled}
ln -s ../checks_available/ ./ 

Edit confconf/sql_cache.ini and put right parameters at MySQL section:

user: puypuy
pass: Very-Long-Pa$$w0rd


Name Description Type Unit
mysql_bytes_received MySQL Received bytes rate Bytes
mysql_bytes_sent MySQL Sent bytes rate Bytes
mysql_com_delete Executed MySQL DELETE commands per second rate OPS
mysql_com_delete_multi Executed MySQL Multi DELETE commands per second rate OPS
mysql_com_insert Executed MySQL INSERT commands per second rate OPS
mysql_com_select Executed MySQL SELECT commands per second rate OPS
mysql_com_update Executed MySQL UPDATE commands per second rate OPS
mysql_connections Amount of current connections current None
mysql_innodb_buffer_pool_read_requests InnoDB buffer pool read requests rate OPS
mysql_innodb_buffer_pool_write_requests InnoDB buffer pool write requests rate OPS
mysql_innodb_data_fsyncs InnoDB data fsyncs rate OPS
mysql_innodb_data_read InnoDB data reads rate OPS
mysql_innodb_data_writes InnoDB data writes rate OPS
mysql_innodb_rows_deleted InnoDB data deletes rate OPS
mysql_innodb_rows_inserted InnoDB inserted rows rate OPS
mysql_innodb_rows_read InnoDB read rows rate OPS
mysql_innodb_rows_updated InnoDB updated rows rate OPS
mysql_max_used_connections Maximum used connection size mysql restart current None
mysql_open_files Amount of open file descriptors current None
mysql_qcache_hits MySQL query cache hits rate OPS
mysql_queries Total number of executed MySQl queries per second rate OPS
mysql_questions Total number of executed MySQl questions per second rate OPS
mysql_slow_queries Amount of running slow queries current None
mysql_threads_connected Amount of currently connected threads current None