cd ${OE_AGENT_HOME}/checks_enabled
ln -s ../checks_available/check_envoy.py ./

Start Envoy with following parameters

  access_log_path: "/dev/null"
      port_value: 8001

Edit conf/loadbalancer.ini and set Envoy URL to prometheus stats.

metrics :

Restart OddEye agent and Envoy.

Name Type Description
downstream_cx_total counter Total connections
downstream_cx_ssl_total counter Total TLS connections
downstream_cx_http1_total counter Total HTTP/1.1 connections
downstream_cx_websocket_total counter Total WebSocket connections
downstream_cx_http2_total counter Total HTTP/2 connections
downstream_cx_destroy counter Total connections destroyed
downstream_cx_destroy_remote counter Total connections destroyed due to remote close
downstream_cx_destroy_local counter Total connections destroyed due to local close
downstream_cx_destroy_active_rq counter Total connections destroyed with 1+ active request
downstream_cx_destroy_local_active_rq counter Total connections destroyed locally with 1+ active request
downstream_cx_destroy_remote_active_rq counter Total connections destroyed remotely with 1+ active request
downstream_cx_active gauge Total active connections
downstream_cx_ssl_active gauge Total active TLS connections
downstream_cx_http1_active gauge Total active HTTP/1.1 connections
downstream_cx_websocket_active gauge Total active WebSocket connections
downstream_cx_http2_active gauge Total active HTTP/2 connections
downstream_cx_protocol_error counter Total protocol errors
downstream_cx_length_ms histogram Connection length milliseconds
downstream_cx_rx_bytes_total counter Total bytes received
downstream_cx_rx_bytes_buffered gauge Total received bytes currently buffered
downstream_cx_tx_bytes_total counter Total bytes sent
downstream_cx_tx_bytes_buffered gauge Total sent bytes currently buffered
downstream_cx_drain_close counter Total connections closed due to draining
downstream_cx_idle_timeout counter Total connections closed due to idle timeout
downstream_flow_control_paused_reading_total counter Total number of times reads were disabled due to flow control
downstream_flow_control_resumed_reading_total counter Total number of times reads were enabled on the connection due to flow control
downstream_rq_total counter Total requests
downstream_rq_http1_total counter Total HTTP/1.1 requests
downstream_rq_http2_total counter Total HTTP/2 requests
downstream_rq_active gauge Total active requests
downstream_rq_response_before_rq_complete counter Total responses sent before the request was complete
downstream_rq_rx_reset counter Total request resets received
downstream_rq_tx_reset counter Total request resets sent
downstream_rq_non_relative_path counter Total requests with a non-relative HTTP path
downstream_rq_too_large counter Total requests resulting in a 413 due to buffering an overly large body
downstream_rq_1xx counter Total 1xx responses
downstream_rq_2xx counter Total 2xx responses
downstream_rq_3xx counter Total 3xx responses
downstream_rq_4xx counter Total 4xx responses
downstream_rq_5xx counter Total 5xx responses
downstream_rq_ws_on_non_ws_route counter Total WebSocket upgrade requests rejected by non WebSocket routes
downstream_rq_time histogram Request time milliseconds
rs_too_large counter Total response errors due to buffering an overly large body