cd ${OE_AGENT_HOME}/checks_enabled
ln -s ../checks_available/ ./

Configuration of FoundationDB check is located at bigdata.ini. You only need to set right path for fdbcli binary, by default for packaged installation it is /usr/bin/fdbcli . If you have compilled FoundationDB from source or used oher mechanism to install it, just locate fdbcli change default path in config file.

Restart Agent. ./ restart check_foundationdb module should run without making changes in configuration, but according to your specific needs, you can edit conf/bindata.ini and make changes in section FoundationDB

fdbclipath: /usr/bin/fdbcli
Name Description Type Unit
fdb_bytes_read Bytes read from FoundationDB rate Bytes
fdb_bytes_written Bytes written to FoundationDB rate Bytes
fdb_connected_clients Connected clients gauge None
fdb_keys_read FoundationDB read key per second rate OPS
fdb_latency_commit_seconds Latency of Commits gauge Millisecond
fdb_latency_read_seconds Latency of Reads gauge Millisecond
fdb_least_operating_space_bytes_log_server Least operating space bytes log server gauge Bytes
fdb_least_operating_space_bytes_storage_server Least operating space bytes Storage server gauge Bytes
fdb_memory_committed_bytes FoundationDB committed memory gauge Bytes
fdb_memory_free_bytes FoundationDB free memory gauge Bytes
fdb_memory_total_bytes FoundationDB total memory gauge Bytes
fdb_moving_data Data which is being moved rate Bytes
fdb_operations_read_requests Read requests per second rate OPS
fdb_operations_reads Reads per second rate OPS
fdb_partitions_count Amount of partitions gauge None
fdb_partitions_size_avg Average size of partition gauge Bytes
fdb_total_disk_used_bytes Used disk bytes gauge Bytes
fdb_total_kv_size_bytes Size of key/values gauge Bytes
fdb_transactions_conflicted Amount of conflicted transactions gauge None
fdb_transactions_started Started transactions gauge None
fdb_worst_queue_bytes_log_server Size of worst queue log server gauge Bytes
fdb_worst_queue_bytes_storage_server Size of worst queue storage server gauge Bytes