We are proud to announce that we have decided to make the OddEye suite an open source so anybody could use it for free. It is available under Apache licence at GitHub. We will continue to offer our professional services, as well as any kind of help for new users to set up OddEye suite on their own infrastructure.

OddEye suite is designed as a multi tenant monitoring and anomaly detection suite for large infrastructures.  It was started 4 years ago and now it's public !

If you have hundreds or thousands of servers and need to have professional, multi-tenant monitoring, then even minimal installation of OddEye suite is exactly what you need (our typical customer has 5.000+ servers).

Example dashboard of Ceph distributed file system 

Designed for SaaS scale in mind its modular and scalable architecture allows to monitor and automatically detect anomalies on effectively unlimited scale (we tested for up to 50.000 servers).

You can see it in action without installation by registering for free at https://app.oddeye.co/  or just logging in to our APP with demo user and password : demodemo@oddeye.co : 123456.

Example dashboard of ElasticSearch 

We have designed our client applications to support number of services from Nginx to Hadoop and Kubernetes, no matter if it is in cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, etc...) or on dedicates servers. You can view full and most up to date list of our integrations here.

From now OddEye suite is completely opensource and hosted at GitHub. Please feel free to contact us for any questions at info@oddeye.co.

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